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Pull Ups, Lunges


Muscle Up progression work or Strict Muscle Ups x10




Pull Ups

Overhead Lunges 45#/25#


#3 RE: Pull Ups, Lungesdaryl glen kelley 2011-07-13 07:08
Daryl- 6:39
Good WOD. Did the pullups unbroken but was a little to slack on the transitions. Good job kat! 84 srtict style pull ups with green band on knee. You have come along way. Keep up the hard work.
#2 RE: Pull Ups, Lungesjason 2011-07-12 20:05
Well 50# was way to ambitious. But I was able to work up to the 10# vest. However I can't wait till the day I can do these from a set of rings that are hung high. Having to do muscle ups from a 8'6" bar is rough. Anyways today's really took its toll on the grip but it was still fun.

SWOD - 3 strict, 2 kipping w/ 10# vest, 5 kipping
WOD - 6:26 rx'd
#1 RE: Pull Ups, Lungesjason 2011-07-11 21:46
For some reason I'm very tempted to try a few of these strict muscle ups with the 20# vest. Heck I might even try to work up to the 50#. Are you wanting to accept the challenge "Donkey"???

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