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EMOTM up to 15 minutes max.

1st minute 1 T2B

2nd minute 2 T2B....

*If you fail to complete the given T2B in a set then substitute V-Ups and finish the remaining rounds with them.

Rest 2 minutes, Then EMOTM x8

1) Med Ball Russian Twists

2) Med Ball Sit Ups

*Each minute is 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Last done on 1/04/17.


#3 RE: ABtasticDesiree 2018-12-22 07:40
Swod-up to 123
Completed 15 rds of T2B. Up to 10 unbroken
#2 RE: ABtasticshco0502 2018-12-21 20:34
Swod: up to 153x3 rounds
Wod: 15 rnds first 9 or 10 were unbroken 11 and beyond sucked

55 twists each round/21 sit ups each round
#1 RE: ABtasticjason 2018-12-21 18:12

13 rds unbroken, last two in small sets

RTwists - 41
MBSU - 21

Maybe could have done 45 twists, and sit ups got rough real quick.

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