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Running Isabel



Odd - 10 Banded Pull Downs

Even - Snatch Deadlift + Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch

*(1+2+1) @ 65%



3 Rounds for time

400m Run

10 Snatches (power or squat you pick) 135/93#

Last Done On 9/14/16.


#3 RE: Running IsabelRobin 2018-03-07 10:12
SWOD - green band for pull downs/ 68# for snatch complex

WOD - 16:06 rowed and used 93#, last time we did this WOD it took me almost 26 minutes and I had to squat every single one of them, this time I powered all of them and improved my time by a ton!!
#2 RE: Running Isabelcasara.butler 2018-03-06 23:56
WOD: 9:48, Row and stayed light at 73#. It’s been a while so I figure I’ll focus on technique to start back up. Humbling

SWOD: stuck with 73#, pulls and snatched felt great but definitely need speed work for turnaround. Used thick green band for pull downs.
#1 RE: Running Isabelshco0502 2018-03-06 20:40
Swod: @93 /tried both the top two thickest bands
Wod: 8:39

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