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Deadlift 5,3,3,3,3 (65,75,80,85,90%)


1000 Meter Row


Burpees to Plate

Plate Swings 45#/25#

Overhead Squats 45#/25#

1000 Meter Row


#3 RE: friday20180216Desiree 2018-02-20 21:05
SWOD: up to 253
WOD 17:27
#2 RE: friday20180216jason 2018-02-16 22:35
Clean & Jerk
2@205, 2@215, 3x1@225
Clean Pull
Back Squats


Purposely paced the first row and it felt pretty good. The OHS with a plate on the otherhand...on a positive note I got in 45 presses during todays WOD!!!

The second row was terrible. I closed my eyes and just kept moving. Every 7 pulls I would look at the monitor just to check my pace which stayed around 1:52ish. Then I tried to pick up the pace on the last 150m or so and that didn't go so well. Was able to speed up to a 1:46 pace.
#1 RE: friday20180216shco0502 2018-02-16 20:54
Swod: 198,223,248,253,273(last set in singles all others touch and go)
Wod: 14:26

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