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The Mighty Oak



Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat + Hang Snatch  (1+1+1+1)


Max reps in 15 minutes. With a continuously running clock start with a 400m run at 0, 5, and 10 minutes then perform max reps until that given 5 minute section is up.

5 minutes to complete the following, 400m run then max Thrusters 95#/65#

5 minutes to complete the following, 400m run then max Front Squats 95#/65#

5 minutes to complete the following, 400m run then max Push Press 95#/65#

Last done on 1/9/17.



Supine Barbell Rows 3x10

Alternating Dumbbell Curls 2x20 (10 each arm)


#5 RE: The Mighty OakDesiree 2017-12-19 06:42
Swod: up to 98
Wod: 42/32/42
#4 RE: The Mighty Oakjason 2017-12-18 21:47

50/39/61 = 150

So last time we did this, after the workout I was disappointed that I missed 150 by 5 reps. So I went into the workout today knowing that it was 150 or die. First run felt great came in around 1:30. Then completely died on thrusters went right up to the end of the minute and had absolutely nothing left on the run. My legs felt like I was running through pudding with a midget's legs. Second 400 was around 2:30, then the front squats felt like the last 50 reps of Karen only I was still on my first front squat. 3rd 400 was slightly better but not really 2:05ish and the push presses I knew I had to make up some ground so I opted for very short rest breaks and medium but fast sets. I finished the 61st rep with maybe .069 seconds left.
#3 RE: The Mighty Oakallisonvila 2017-12-18 21:30
Swod 73#

37/31/30 63# av
30/32/36 tv
#2 RE: The Mighty OakReid 2017-12-18 21:07
Swod: up to 83#
Wod: 24/25/30= 79.
#1 RE: The Mighty Oakshco0502 2017-12-18 20:20
Swod: up to 113
Wod: 45/42/63 = 150

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