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Power Clean 135#/93#

Thrusters 135#/93#


Weighted Pull Ups 5x5

Dumbbell Rows 4x10


#3 RE: CFHQ WODjason 2017-10-09 21:26
WOD - 5:44
Weighted Pull Ups - 15,25,35,45,45
KB Rows - 55,70,70,70

Today was inventory day at work, which typically means one Normally I don't mind pizza however Mazzios has mastered the art of making pizza taste very good then in a matter of a few short hours it slowly turns your world upside down and causes your stomach to resemble a Draino commercial.

So I was a little leary going into this workout. I slowed my pace on the first round to keep my stomach at bay then turned up the pace on rounds 2 & 3. Much to my surprise I caught Courtney napping over in the corner. I think she was so far ahead of me that she stopped in the middle of the workout to make a bottle for Linden and help Louie select a new show on the iphone. So I took my opportunity to sneak by and finish just ahead of her.

#yousnoozeyoulo se
#2 RE: CFHQ WODshco0502 2017-10-09 20:11
Wod: 5:46 .... needed to be better ... still rattled Jason! Lol
Swod: 5 sets of 2 linked strict PU / 25#
#1 RE: CFHQ WODRobin 2017-10-09 19:02
WOD - 9:39 with 83#

SWOD - 2 strict pull-ups each time, then used a 25# db for the rows.

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