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RUN each of the following, rest exactly 1 minute between efforts.

400m - 200m - 400m - 200m - 400m

Last done on 9/19/16.



Accumulate 2 minute L-Sit

Supine Barbell Row 4x10


#2 RE: GOLDEN MILERobin 2017-09-22 08:09
WOD - 6:45 on the rower

SWOD - Done! Took me sometime to get through the L-Sits, I could hold about 20 seconds, some were a little less
#1 RE: GOLDEN MILEjason 2017-09-21 19:46
That was fun....I originally planned on using the bike and doubling each distance so the time was similar to running. However Devin showed up early and rained on my parade by calling me a sissy. So we ran together while holding hands.

WOD - 5:17 (6 seconds slower than last year)

Even though my time was slower than last year I actually felt better during each run. So the fact that I didn't feel like my world was coming to an end is a bonus!

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