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1) 50 Double Unders

2) 10 Handstand Push Ups

3) 20 Sit Ups

4) 40ft Plate Push 45#/25#

*MAX distance plate push on last round.


#2 RE: thursday20170816jason 2017-08-17 21:29
50 du - unbroken all but 2 rounds (let Ryan's pace mess with me too much)
10 HSPU - used the blue mat
160' on last plate push

Lately HSPU have been feeling much better with using the blue fold up mat. And I subbed in GHD sit ups because....those things weren't cheap and they blast my lower abs EVERY DAMN TIME!
#1 RE: thursday20170816shco0502 2017-08-17 12:34
Wod: goal was to get 5 hspu every time knowing I wouldn't get 10 and only got 3 last two rounds .... sholdures are pretty sore from push-ups
140ft final round

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