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Pushing Annie


12 Minute Time Cap


Double Unders

Push ups

**Last done on 6/10/15.



Chin Ups 4x3 reps  (3 second negative, 3 second concentric, 3 second hold at top)

Reverse Tire Drags 4x50 meters

**For the Chin Ups use a box or jump to the top position. Then take 3 seconds to lower yourself to the bottom position.

**With no pause take 3 seconds to pull yourself back to chin over the bar. Then hold chin over the bar for 3 seconds before beginning the next rep.


#4 RE: Pushing AnnieJosh Jones 2017-07-14 16:13
Wod - did ring pushups, ended with 8 left on the round of 30
Swod - pull ups got hard on the last round. Tire drags were not bad.
#3 RE: Pushing Anniejason 2017-07-13 21:20
WOD - 9:30 (ring push ups)

I developed a nice burn on both arms thanks to the ring straps! And had to break then push ups much more than I liked.
#2 RE: Pushing AnnieRobin 2017-07-13 15:19
WOD - cap+67...pushups gave out fast, doubles weren't to bad today thank goodness!

SWOD - got it done
#1 RE: Pushing Annieshco0502 2017-07-12 12:13
Wod: Cap+23 ... last time it was cap 70 so there was improvement! Next time I will finish this!!!! Dang push ups! Doubles felt good!
Swod: only got to half of the pull up series and did all the tire drags with 35# plate

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