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Shankle Complex



RX - 3 Kipping Swings + 2 Toes to Rings + 1 Ring Muscle Up

Scaled 1 - 3 Kipping Swings + 2 Toes to Bar + 1 Pull Up

Scaled 2 - 3 Kipping Swings + 1 Toes to Bar

Scaled 3 - 3 Kipping Swings

*The point of this complex is to focus on a tight ARCH/HOLLOW on all kipping movements.
*If you cannot LINK T2B DO NOT add on additional swings....doing so may result in a throat punch from your coach!


10 Sets of the Shankle Complex, Really focus on dialing in that technique. Make the last set look better than the first.

Deadlift + Hang Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Split Jerk  (1+3+1+2)

Last done on 6/1/17.


#2 RE: Shankle ComplexJosh Jones 2017-06-15 22:11
Swod - ring complex

Wod - 135x2,185x2,205,225,24 5(f),235,205x2

Attempting 245 was a mistake, 235 felt shaky overhead so I dropped to 205 for the last two to focus on form. Legs were worn going into the wod.
#1 RE: Shankle Complexjason 2017-06-15 18:44
SWOD - Ring Complex


Legs felt pretty fatigued from Karen. Missed the 2nd jerk at 235 then reattempted it and made all lifts. Just didn't feel very solid overhead so I opted to drop weight.

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