CrossFit BA

2402 W. New Orleans St

Broken Arrow, OK 74011

(918) 978-3475



Squat Clean 5,5,5 (40-50-60%)



1200m Run

15 Muscle Ups

800m Run

10 Muscle Ups

400m Run

5 Muscle Ups


***Attention all members!!! This Saturday the 8am and 9am class are canceled. Instead we will be holding only a 10am class. This will be our First Annual CFBA Halloween Beatdown! We encourage everyone to dress in costume and bring their appetite. We will be grilling hamburgers and chicken after the WOD. So bring any side dish you like and please RSVP before Friday by either Facebook or adding your name to the list on the board. We need a count of people in order to know how much meat to get. So lets have some fun and eat some awesome grub with great friends.***


#4 RE: ImpetusTravis Ewton 2011-10-29 00:26
SWOD: 95# first time on squat cleans and wanted to get technique down

WOD: 19:00 - only rounds 2&3, 3 green band pullups, 3 blue band dips per muscle up

felt good, not too winded, getting kip down, move to blue band on pullups I think
#3 RE: Impetusjason 2011-10-28 18:21
16:00 rx'd (???)

Someone forgot about me and cleared my timer, so I'm not sure about my time. Great job Lixet and Cynthia. Also it was great to have Mike and Sandy join us for the 6pm class.
#2 RE: ImpetusJessica 2011-10-28 14:14
I will be feeling this tomorrow.

SWOD 60#

WOD 27:56
Run as rx, did black band pull ups and box dips for muscle ups.

My pull ups are feeling strong and have confidence that it wont be to long befor i am attempting the green band.

Running wasnt bad today, my legs were feeling it which is normal for me. My chest did not feel tight at all. I did all the running non stop and on the last 200 of my 400 i picked up the pace to finish strong. I am still a very slow runner but am just proud that i am able to complete the running in general.
#1 First day of crossfitMegan 2011-10-28 08:02
1/2 Cindy, 4 rounds

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