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Donkey's Revenge


Front Squat 5,5,5 85% of 1 rep max




Push Press 115#/80#

L-pull ups


Last done on 6/30/11.


Today we will be holding a special 9/11 tribute workout today at Noon. Be sure to drop by and pay homage to those who lost their lives that day, and in the following years as we battle the "War on Terror."


Also a special thank goes out to all of the Military, Fire, and LEO personnel who unselfishly put themselves at risk each and everyday so the rest of us don't have to. "THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU."

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!


Come on in @ 8am and join us for a special Team Birthday WOD for Jessica.

***Attention everyone....we will be open this Sunday in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. We will have a special workout planned, so if you are up to the challenge then plan to meet us @ Noon to pay tribute to all of those whose lives were lost on that day.***



Press 5,5,5 85% of 1 rep max




Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95#/65#

Ring Dips

Leg Work


Deadlift 5,5,5 85% of 1 rep max



1200m run, 10 Overhead Lunges 45#/25#, 120 Double Unders

800m run, 20 Overhead Lunges 45#/25#, 90 Double Unders

400m run, 30 Overhead Lunges 45#/25#, 60 Double Unders

200m run, 40 Overhead Lunges 45#/25#, 30 Double Unders

Get a Grip


Wall Ball Maze x3, Turkish Get Up x10 (5 each arm)



5 rounds; 1 minute rest between rounds

5 Squat Clean 155#/105#

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

15 Toes to Bar

100m Sprint



Weighted Pull Ups 5,5,5




SDHP 115#/75#

Clapping Push Ups

Kettlebell Swings 2pd/1.5pd

Labor Day


Back Squat 5,5,5 85% 1 rep max




30 Clean and Jerks 135#/95#

*** We will only be open for a 10am class today. ***

Rest Day

REST DAY, enjoy the nice and cool weather. Be ready to move some HEAVY WEIGHT next week!

*** We will be OPEN Labor Day 9/5 for a 10am class only. This time can be adjusted if needed, let us know! ***


Tomorrow brings another fun and awesome TEAM WOD. So be sure to swing by at 8am or 9am and bring family and friends, because Saturdays are always the most fun workouts!!!

*** We will be OPEN Labor Day 9/5 for a 10am class only. This time can be adjusted if needed, let us know! ***

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