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Today is an "Active Rest Day" so join us at the 4th Annual Tulsa Mud Run. We will be running in the 12:30 heat, and you are all more than welcome to swing by and enjoy a few cold ones with us!


Clean and Jerk


Deadlift 5,3,1  95% of 1 rep max



Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes perform the following

2 Power Clean and Jerks @ 80% of Squat Clean 1 rep max


Sorry for the ummm.....missed post for yesterday's WOD. After moving all of the mats and equipment into the gym we were all exhausted, and in the process I forgot to post the WOD. But don't you worry we will push that workout back and do it on Friday instead!!!



Handstand Walk 100 feet, or Handstand holds for max time x3




Deadlift 225#

Handstand Push-ups

Turn Up The Heat


AB rollout x15, 2 minute L-sit, Max Toes 2 Bar in 2 minutes



800m run, then perform the following


Box Jumps 20"/16"

Walking Lunges


Then 800m run to finish.


***Tomorrow night we may be moving equipment, so stay tuned!!!***


Congrats to all of the 2011 CrossFit Games winners, Rich Froning Jr, Annie Thorisdottir, and CrossFit New England!


I am CrossFit


Press 5,3,1 work up to 95% of 1 rep max



3 rounds for time:

400m Run

15 Pull Ups

7 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95#


Rest Day

Do you ever wonder what CrossFitters do on "Rest Days"??? Well some of them run a 5K race while being 3 months pregnant!!! Congratulations to my wonderful wife, Robin, for completing her 1st of many 5K races to come! Eli finished just ahead of his daddy, and Tia decided to come and show her support by running with us as well. Don't forget that this coming weekend is the Tulsa Mud Run and we are running in the 12:30 heat. Click on the link to the right and sign up!


Rest Day

Sorry for the late post everyone. Remember that "Rest Days" are just as important as training days. Rest days allow your body to recover and come back even stronger than before!

Happy B-day John!

Happy Early Birthday John!!!



7 rounds for time:

3 Med Ball Clean to Wall Ball

11 Burpees

9 Pull-ups

7 Back Squats 135#/83#

1 Sprint 40 yards


Also the CrossFit Games begins today so be sure to tune in and watch the action.

Adrian Bozman is ready for the Games are you???


Twice as Nice


Front Lever Progressions



AMRAP 10 minutes:

3 Handstand Push Ups

6 Sumodeadlift High Pulls 95#/65#

9 Box Jumps 24"/20"


Rest 2 minutes, then AMRAP in 10 minutes:

5 Elevated Ring Rows (finish position should have body parallel with ground and rings touching chest)

10 Thrusters 95#/65#

15 Push ups (hands off)

Are we there yet?


Press 3,3,3 90% 1 rep max



3 Rounds for Time

400m Run

30 OHS 75#/45#

21 Pull Ups


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