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Hand Care

One of the most frequently asked questions by everyone who does CrossFit is about hand care and how to keep those calluses at bay. Over the last 9 years I have tried many different tools and tricks, however these 3 tools are a mainstay around our house. Each one of these tools has a different use and are used at different times.

Ped-Egg = This tool is the most effective at removing calluses quickly and safely. The best way to use this is with your hands dry…just do yourself a favor and empty the egg after each use.

Callus Rasp = This one can be used with your hands wet or dry. It removes calluses little by little and helps polish away the rough edges.

Pumice Stone = Much like the rasp this one is used to remove calluses little by little. I typically use this for daily upkeep and for polishing calluses smooth.


Hand Care is all about keeping your calluses so that your hands are tough enough to take the abuse of hanging from the pull up bar and using the barbell. Yet they are also soft enough that they will not tear off while doing pull ups.

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